Plastic injection molding

We have lots of experience in thermoplastic parts, commonly used materials are as below:

High temperature material, example PEEK, PPS, LCP, SPS

Glass filled material, example PA 66 GF30, PA 46 GF 30, PBT GF30

Thermoplastics, example PA6, P/E MD20, PC, PP, ABS, POM, PMMA

We also have experience in rubber parts, commonly used material: TPE.





We have full electric molding machines, both vertical and horizontal in house, for mold trial and series production.

Part size/weight we produce is max. 82.50X96.2mm/37.75g and min. 3mmX3mm/0.3g.

Mold size/weight we manufacture is max. 650mmX650mm/1.57 ton and min. 156X156mm/30kg